Document Checklist for Property Purchase & Home Loans

By: Merlin Group | April 13, 2017
When you buy a property, you are not merely buying a dream home. There is something equally or more important than this. And that is, it is a lifetime investment. Keeping certain considerations in mind, it is imperative to take care of certain major requisites to avoid turning your investment into a nightmare. Many of us panic over the intricate processes linked...Read More

Union Budget 2017 & Its Effects on Indian Realty

By: Merlin Group | April 7, 2017
The Union Budget 2017 has had a major impact on the real estate sector of India. Especially with the recent past scenario of the real estate being majorly hit by the government’s drive of demonetisation, the Union Budget 2017 gave this sector a huge thrust. Let us quickly go through the key takeaways from the impact of the budget on real estate [dropcap ...Read More

Significance of Positive & Amiable Work Environment

By: Merlin Group | April 1, 2017
The idea of building a working environment by incorporating certain social dynamics has gained and been gaining ground ever since workplaces have become a second family outside home, considering the fact that an individual spends a good part of the day at his workplace. While there should be clear boundaries drawn between a work and a social setting, borrowing from...Read More

Demonetization & its effects on Real Estate

By: Merlin Group | March 17, 2017
The real estate sector in Kolkata has evolved steadily over the past few years, with developers realising the need to align themselves with market forces. This will augur well for home buyers as well as genuine developers. When something is appreciated (like technology adoption or fund mobilisation), people start following it. That is how this industry is evolvi...Read More