Real Estate Investment

Investment in Real Estate is good now, compared to Gold, Share Market, and Mutual Funds

By: Merlin Group | September 23, 2021
Being an investor is about knowing where & how to invest, reap benefits in the short & long term & ensure financial stability. A sensible investment of the finances means buying oneself a better future & more opportunities. While there are many choices out there for investments, like stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, etc., Read More
Merlin X Premium Apartments

Merlin X Limited Edition Premium Property Off EM Bypass

By: Merlin Group | July 16, 2021
Merlin X has been conceptualized to deliver a different flavour to the residential segment of premium apartments. The name X has been thought of uniquely as it has a value to it, which is unknown. It is an alphabet yet a number. The number includes the address and amenitie...Read More
covid strategy

5 Strategies That Real Estate Developers Should Consider To Defeat Pandemic During The Lockdown And Reach To The Mass

By: Merlin Group | July 24, 2020
Due to the impact of the Corona Virus outbreak in India, the real estate market has seen a significant dip since February 2020. According to various surveys, more than 85% of ongoing projects are on hold as the lock down is taking place from the first week of March. The market GURUs are on talks about the real estate market after covid19 and how to implement smart ...Read More

India living the Croatian Fairy Tale

By: Merlin Group | August 3, 2018
The success of Croatia in FIFA World Cup 2018 is no less than a fairytale. The Nation of just four million people has done it. Croatia has crushed the English dreams in the captivating World Cup Semis and put up a brave fight in the Final against France, losing to France 4-2. The celebrations that followed would be remembered for a long time to come. In Zagreb, ...Read More

5 Incredibly Positive Trends in the 2017 Indian Real Estate Market you MUST know about

By: Merlin Group | August 8, 2017
The First half of 2017 The starting of 2017 was a stressful time for real estate market. The entire nation was grappling with the aftereffects of a surprise demonetization move by the Government. The huge shortage of cash showed its effect in real estate transactions as well, especially the secondary real estate market. The Real estate market c...Read More