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Take the plunge, now be a great time to buy a home

By: Merlin Group | January 14, 2022
Moving to a city and starting your life’s journey can be an exciting experience. There are ups and downs and it’s a rollercoaster ride, especially if you have a family to share it with. One by one, the important things start falling into place, a great job and a good school for the kids. You realize that the most important thing of all is yet to be done. Buying you...Read More
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Integrated Housing the Affordable and Safe Way Ahead

By: Merlin Group | January 12, 2022

You often find yourself making a mental checklist of things as time goes by. A cushy job with a great ✅ Salary, ✅ Vehicle, ✅ Children in Good School.

However, one thing often remains unchecked. A place to call home. In other words, owning your own house. This tiny detail is often overlooked and saved for later because you may think of the risks involve...Read More