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Take the plunge, now be a great time to buy a home

By: Merlin Group | January 14, 2022

Moving to a city and starting your life’s journey can be an exciting experience. There are ups and downs and it’s a rollercoaster ride, especially if you have a family to share it with. One by one, the important things start falling into place, a great job and a good school for the kids. You realize that the most important thing of all is yet to be done. Buying your own house. In the city, with its many alleys and maze-like paths, owning your own place feels like an accomplishment or a dream come true.

However, this decision cannot be taken overnight. This is not a tiny spur of the moment decision, but it can take months if not years to zero in on a suitable house.

The first and often the foremost thing that people, especially the young crowd or working couples without kids, look for is the proximity to their workplaces. Travelling long distances, day after day, leaves very little energy for any other activities. For those with kids, the two points to keep in mind will be the distance to school and also a safe environment without any anti-social elements prowling about. Rent payments may squeeze you dry of your savings and that problem could be solved when you buy a home.

As a prospective home-buyer, you may have heard the news stating that the real estate sector has been crumbling. The consecutive lockdowns and halt on all construction activities has left builders anxious with a very uncertain future ahead.

However, the city of Kolkata has been seeing an uptick in terms of real estate business. As per a recent Economic Times report, Tier-1 cities, including Kolkata, have been seeing an upward trend in terms of properties sold.

The city’s real estate market has been quite resilient despite the many blows it faced due to the pandemic. The IT hub in the city will make it even more lucrative to buy a home here. The saturation of IT companies and startups in other major cities, such as Mumbai or Bengaluru, has encouraged companies to shift base to Kolkata. The city, with its untapped potential will soon be the preferred destination for these companies.

Another great thing is affordability. More and more people from the middle and upper middle class strata are looking for more affordable options in this city and with housing interest rates at an all-time low (less than 7%), this is bound to boost the sales for houses. The state government too has slashed the stamp duty, which has also acted like a stimulant for more sales. The work from home culture has encouraged many people to look for permanent dwellings as the current situation prolongs. Many developers have also been providing buyers with incentives such as spot discounts and other freebies to help you make a decision.

Putting aside the technicalities for a moment, a number of up and coming luxury and mod segment properties in Kolkata have a lot to offer. The city is witnessing a sea of changes in terms of real estate. These properties have helped to transform the areas around them as well. These houses have helped in expediting infrastructure projects lying in the pipeline. Better drains, 24 hour supply of water and well maintained roads and surroundings are often a hallmark of these localities that are slowly becoming the symbols of new Kolkata.

Integrated housing townships also provide people with affordable houses and also all the amenities the city can provide without having to travel.

There are a number of options to choose from and with so many upcoming projects taking off, this could be the right moment to start thinking of investing in a home.

In case you are looking for comfortable homes around the Rajarhat Chowmatha area, the upcoming Merlin RISE township can provide comfortable and luxurious homes at affordable prices. The area is well-connected to the airport and many other important areas including the Newtown IT hub and Jessore Road. The project will also feature a sports academy where you and your young ones can hone your sports skills.

Buying a house is a tedious affair but a good decision and careful planning will pay off in spades in future. It is important to find a home but it is also important that the place you choose can be considered home. At this time, when going out can be dangerous, having your own home can provide you with some peace of mind. This is where you build memories and from where the rest of your life’s journey can continue from.