Union Budget 2017 & Its Effects on Indian Realty

By: Merlin Group | April 7, 2017
The Union Budget 2017 has had a major impact on the real estate sector of India. Especially with the recent past scenario of the real estate being majorly hit by the government’s drive of demonetisation, the Union Budget 2017 gave this sector a huge thrust. Let us quickly go through the key takeaways from the impact of the budget on real estate [dropcap ...Read More

Ways to Make Your Bedroom feel more Spacious

By: Merlin Group | March 29, 2017
After a stressful day, when we come back home, we all look forward to that comfortable and cosy corner. That corner is none but our very own bedroom where we relax and unwind ourselves. But what if you feel that your bedroom is cramped and it doesn’t give you space enough to breathe? Worry not! These few simple yet effective tips and ideas will make your bedroom be...Read More