covid strategy

5 Strategies That Real Estate Developers Should Consider To Defeat Pandemic During The Lockdown And Reach To The Mass

By: Merlin Group | July 24, 2020
Due to the impact of the Corona Virus outbreak in India, the real estate market has seen a significant dip since February 2020. According to various surveys, more than 85% of ongoing projects are on hold as the lock down is taking place from the first week of March. The market GURUs are on talks about the real estate market after covid19 and how to implement smart ...Read More

PROPTECH: RealEstate Transformation through Technology

By: Merlin Group | March 29, 2018
PropTech is in the global news for more than two years and now talk of the town in South Asia. But how PropTech is going to affect real estate sector and at first most important question, What PropTech is? Proptech, also referred to as CRE-Tech (Commercial Real Estate Technology) or RE-Tech (Real Estate Technology) in many parts of the world is an attempt to bri...Read More