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Integrated Housing the Affordable and Safe Way Ahead

By: Merlin Group | January 12, 2022

You often find yourself making a mental checklist of things as time goes by. A cushy job with a great ✅ Salary, ✅ Vehicle, ✅ Children in Good School.

However, one thing often remains unchecked. A place to call home. In other words, owning your own house. This tiny detail is often overlooked and saved for later because you may think of the risks involved, the money that has to be spent, the savings that would disappear and find a good locale. The answer to all these questions is integrated housing township.

If things are going according to plan and you have managed to check all these things off your list and the last thing left is a house, then this may be the right time to start looking for one to invest in. Those pesky rent payments and seeing your savings disappear as the monthly rent goes up can disappear. The feeling of coming home to a place you own can be extremely rewarding. Not to mention saving, if you have kids, to send them to good colleges. A lot of money can be saved through wise and timely investment in a house.

The city of Kolkata has been changing rapidly. It is home to millions of people as diverse as history. The city is seeing a rapid boost of urbanization and an influx of a younger crowd who want more. The city has no choice but to expand and grow to help accommodate more people. This allows the city to decongest and prevent bottlenecks in the long run. In this situation, more and more affordable integrated townships mushroom on the outskirts and transform the neighborhood.

The other fear that a lot of people face is having to travel far for the most basic of necessities. The supermarket may be in an opposite direction, the children’s school in another direction and the office on yet another side of the town altogether. You basically tour the city while carrying out a few tasks. Assuming you own a vehicle, the price of fuel will burn a hole through your savings and leave you feeling worse. In case of emergencies or travelling during rush hour can get extremely stressful.

Integrated Township is the future. Integrated Township facilities can allay your fears and provide you with a serene and safe environment so that you can focus on important things. No longer do you need to travel constantly and come home exhausted before the cycle repeats the next day. These townships provide all the necessary facilities and also much needed peace of mind. Each of these townships is in close proximity to shopping malls, multiplexes, hospitals and schools. Basic day-to-day tasks will not seem like Herculean endeavors, with these facilities close by.

An integrated township does not just provide the frills but also the development. Better infrastructure always follows these places. Sanitation becomes an issue in cramped units in the city especially during the monsoon which can be prevented in these townships. These townships provide security 24/7 and surveillance which can prevent the horror stories you read about in the news.

In a nutshell, an integrated township can provide you with the best of the city while you get a chance to relax peacefully in your own home without the noisy bustle. In case you do decide to move into one, the Rajarhat Chowmatha area may be an excellent choice.

Merlin RISE, deemed to be Kolkata’s first Sports Republic offers luxurious 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats at extremely competitive prices. The upcoming metro and many more infrastructural projects make this area a prime locality for you and your family. The area’s proximity to the airport, New Town and Tata Medical Centre only adds to its benefits.

This integrated township also comes with an additional benefit. The sports programs offered in the academy here will provide you with training from the best. Some of the greatest sportsmen the country has seen, including Sourav Ganguly and Leander Paes, started out from the City of Joy. The city is also credited for creating world-class footballers such as Sudip Chatterjee and Chuni Goswami, who began their journey from this city.

Merlin RISE township includes the following dedicated facilities

  • Cricket Ground
  • Football Ground
  • Mixed Martial Arts Facility
  • Swimming Pool

Olympians, world cup winning footballers and the who’s who of the global sports scene including Michael Phelps, Ronaldinho, Tiger and Krishna Shroff, Yuvraj Singh are in the process of setting up their respective academies providing you with nothing less than the best.

  • Yuvraj Cricket Association
  • Ronaldinho Football Academy
  • Tiger Shroff MMA
  • Michael Phelps Swimming

This is just the first phase. Many more incredible developments are planned within the township only to be revealed with time. The choice being yours, you could call such a place your home.