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DIY ideas to deck up your home for Durga Pujo

By: Merlin Group | October 9, 2018

Festivity is in the air!! Clear blue sky, cotton candy clouds and happy faces all around, resonate the message of Maa Durga’s arrival.

Shopping Malls and Beauty Salons are abuzz with crowd who would like to set their best foot forward this Puja. And as we gear up to welcome Maa and soak in the spirit of festivity, it is time to give our homes the facelift too. Puja is as much about pandel hopping and eating out with friends and family, as it is with lazing around with our gang at home and indulge in pure Puja adda.

Let’s take a quick look on some DIY ideas over and above simple dusting and cleaning that would give your home the Puja vibe.

  • Puja Room– The Puja Room or Thakur Ghar, as it is popularly known in Bengal is undoubtedly the most sacred space to start off your Puja home décor. You can bring home a new mandir or singhashan for the deities or clean and decorate the old one. Decorating the place with diyas and fresh flowers everyday will not just give out a Puja vibe but will bring in a lot of positivity. Also, try Rangoli or Alpana in the Puja Room.


  • Living Room– You can hugely experiment with the Living Room so far the festive decoration goes. From metal idols to wall hanging items, a lot of Durga themed decorative pieces are available in the market. Pick up as per your budget and you are good to go. If time permits, create your own wall hangings and paper crafts. This would be unique and blend seamlessly in your Puja décor. You might consider adding few Puja theme cushions in your sofa since this is exactly where your Puja addas will take shape.


  • Bedroom– Upgrade your upholstery. Spread out brand new bed sheets and change the curtains, preferably in bright colors. Pep colors like Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue will work wonders. Also, keep floating diyas and light them up at night and you are all set to transcend into cosmic divinity!


  • Entrance– Let the positivity flow in. Decorate the entrance with fresh flower garlands or wreaths. Colorful rangoli will immediately add on to the festivity quotient.


  • Balcony– What better way to pep up your balcony that putting up bright multicolored LEDs!!

Lastly, consider rearranging the furniture. Puja makeover for your home is a perfect idea but do not go over the top. Accessorizing your interiors to perfection should be done keeping enough space for moving around.

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