Real Estate Investment

Investment in Real Estate is good now, compared to Gold, Share Market, and Mutual Funds

By: Merlin Group | September 23, 2021

Being an investor is about knowing where & how to invest, reap benefits in the short & long term & ensure financial stability. A sensible investment of the finances means buying oneself a better future & more opportunities. While there are many choices out there for investments, like stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, etc., investment in Real Estate is one such vehicle that can do this for you.

The real estate sector for a long time was associated with just buying and selling houses. Thanks to the fast-paced development and urbanization, that raised the demand for Real Estate & diversified its purpose, and placed it front & centre of the investment portfolio. It is now considered one of the safest investment sectors up to date & continues to grow in the longer term. The availability of accessible home loans at lower interest rates additionally bridged the gaps between barriers to affordability.

Sure Real Estate is a non-liquid entity. But, it keeps your hands full with options for both short & long terms. Rental income is a great way for added income. With Real Estate, you get a multitude of options that score over other investments options.

Regular Cash Flow:

One of the outstanding benefits of investing in real estate is constant cash flow. It increases with time along with the capital value of the property. So, by renting out the property, one can generate a consistent income while working or after retirement. Many people invest in real estate to improve their post-retirement income.

Financial Security:

2020 has taught us that things can drastically change in a blink of an eye. Investing in real estate means knowing that you have an appreciating asset. No matter whether the overall market is up or down, there is potential within real estate. And, in the long run, it can bring you better profits aside from the satisfaction of owning a solid roof that you can pass on for generations to come.

Tax Benefits:

Investing in real estate would mean embarking on a journey to financial independence. That is because it offers incredible returns and tax write-offs. As a real estate investor, you can enjoy many tax write-offs (if you have taken a home loan). In some situations, you do not have to pay taxes on earnings from your property investment.


Real estate consistently increases in value every year and outperforms other investments. Besides, any new connectivity, transport, road, or transport hub to the location additionally fosters growth. It attracts more population & demand and ultimately leads to a spurt in price.

Inflation Hedging Capability:

Real estate provides a better & long-term hedge against inflation & market fluctuations. That is the reason it is considered one of the best assets for investment & to build wealth. Even in low inflation time, you can put out your investment property for rent & generate rental income. And, when the prices rise, your rental earnings increase too.

Investment Leveraging:

Know that Real estate is a bankable asset. You can use it to leverage ROI and cash-on-cash returns that increase your wealth. By putting down only 10-20% of the money and borrowing the rest, you can grow your investment in premium real estate as well. There are hardly any investments out there that allow you to invest in assets worth more than one can afford.

Anyone can invest in Real Estate:

The real estate sector is for everyone. You do not necessarily need special skills & a lot of money in hand to invest in Real Estate to generate immediate income. There are multiple ways one can make use of this often lucrative asset. You can buy a property to keep it or rent it out to create a passive income source and use it to pay EMI for your loan (if any).

Real estate may turn out as a wise investment if you do it right, as it not only gives you emotional but financial satisfaction too. As an investor, you may get to enjoy a plethora of benefits apart from generating passive income like great returns, tax benefits, diversification, and the chance to make fortunes. While the economic state still seems low these days, you can expect lots of gains from real estate investment. There is an inherent demand for real estate for homes, retail space, businesses & more. And it is anticipated to grow even more in the upcoming years. Investing in will provide more significant benefits and be very fruitful, providing security and profitable long-term returns.

As Robert Kiyosaki quote goes, “Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth”