Merlin X Premium Apartments

Merlin X Limited Edition Premium Property Off EM Bypass

By: Merlin Group | July 16, 2021

Merlin X has been conceptualized to deliver a different flavour to the residential segment of premium apartments. The name X has been thought of uniquely as it has a value to it, which is unknown. It is an alphabet yet a number. The number includes the address and amenities that become X. Situated on Christopher Road, these luxury apartments are rich in class. Italian Marbles to start with ranging to the infinity pool, skating rink, jacuzzi, this master plan is being built to give more than just gated living. The demand in this locality is being driven by a lot of factors. Real Estate is driven by three factors Location, Location and Location.

Having said that how are these locations different?

In general parlance, it would mean:

Location From Connectivity Perspective: To elaborate on this aspect of location it has a very strong connectivity route available. This ranges from Metro, Bus, Auto and Rickshaw. These modes of transport play a very important part in defining the locality and availability of resources. To mobilize in today’s date, only private mode of commute is not adequate.

Location From Convenience Perspective: Daily conveniences such as an established marketplace, nearby stationery, food joint and supermart availability is crucial to choose a locality. With the rapid development of the EM Bypass and Christopher Road stretch, all of this is available in a 2km radius, which makes the area lively and safe even beyond the periphery of the gated community.

Location From Essentials Perspective: Buying a home has a lot of passive decisions involved. This includes the proximity of schools, colleges, CBD area and hospitals. The throbbing location has all of it within almost a 30 mins drive or lesser to all these junctions. Cutting down on travel time is a great way to give your near and dear ones more time.

The commercial and residential segments have been growing manifold and around the EM Bypass area. Ranging from Metropolis Mall to Mani Square with Hyatt Regency and ITC Royal Bengal these jewels enhance the crown. The well-planned infrastructure is pushing the prices of luxury apartment complexes in this area to around ₹7000 a sq ft which will only go further up because price correction has already taken place during the phase when COVID lockdown started relaxing. Fence-sitters have taken a plunge knowing that this is the best time to buy. X has been conceptualized bringing forward the future to the present.

The future of locational advantage has been thought of today. Delivering the best to our customer’s interests drives our brand. The X condos stand by it.