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Ways to Make Your Bedroom feel more Spacious

By: Merlin Group | March 29, 2017

After a stressful day, when we come back home, we all look forward to that comfortable and cosy corner. That corner is none but our very own bedroom where we relax and unwind ourselves. But what if you feel that your bedroom is cramped and it doesn’t give you space enough to breathe? Worry not! These few simple yet effective tips and ideas will make your bedroom be like all you dream of and bring back the feeling of big space into your world of sanctuary –

1 Remove unnecessary litter and muddle: 
Too many items or furniture in your bedroom will make it look cramped and eventually make you feel out of space. When you take a look around your room, if you feel you cannot find enough space or cannot see much of the floor then you know you have too much furniture and personal belongings. In such a case, regard using the extra furniture in some other room or sell it off. Get rid of extra personal belongings.

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2 The size of your bedroom should be equivalent to its décor:
The bed is the main furniture in a bedroom. Thus having a large bed in a small room is a not so wise idea. Instead have a smaller bed alongside proportionate table lamps or other decors.

3 Accentuate your ceiling:
Tray ceilings in bedrooms have become more popular in recent times. The 5th dimension that they add to the room is often ignored. Go ahead and add this to your bedroom ceiling to see the magical opening up of volume and space. In case you choose to keep a standard ceiling, choose yourself a lighter colour to avoid making your room look closed.

4 Get yourself wall space maximising furniture:
Measure the wall space in your bedroom and get your furniture accordingly leaving enough space. Choose rectilinear furniture instead of curved ones as they tend to take up more space. Wall hanging night stands are a wise option to maximize the floor footprint.

5 Pick your bedroom colours wisely:
Darker wall shades in bedroom will make it look smaller. Consider using lighter shades of colour on the ceiling and walls. If at all you are fond of dark tones, use them instead for pillows, rugs, draper or bed linen. Let in as much natural light as much as possible to lighten up both the space and your mood.

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