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You Must Follow Basic Vastu tips for Happier and Healthier Home

By: Merlin Group | May 19, 2018

Now that we all know the immense importance of Vastu and its effect upon the harmonious environment of our homes, it is essential that we consult a reliable Vastu expert as consultant and follow the effective Vastu Tips to stay in a peaceful ambiance. The ancient science of construction has gained such significance that today, the sale/renting of the property depends upon its designing as per Vastu Tips.

Some of the following Vastu tips hold special prominence. Home buyers would certainly benefit if they keep these simple yet effective suggestions in mind when hunting for their dwelling:

  • Entrances must be carefully earmarked

The door of the house shouldn’t be located in the south direction. South being the door to the nether realm attracts negative energy and infrared rays of the sun that are harmful to health. Ideally, the position of the door should be from north to north-east. There should be adequate open space around the building. Placing a picture of Ganesha at the entrance to one’s dwelling is one of the best ways to ward off loneliness and negative energies.

  • Ablutions need to be kept at a safe distance

Toilets and bathrooms should be situated in the south-west direction or the southern corner of the house. The direction of the wind is from northeast to south-west, and if washrooms are located in the northeast, the wind would blow from toilet to the living room, contaminating the atmosphere. Keeping plants and saplings in the bathroom brings forth positivity apart from giving it a natural and serene appearance.

  • The Source of creation must complement the fire element

Since the Kitchen is the place of creation, it should ideally be positioned in the south-east corner of the house. Moreover, the Agneya or fire element favors the kitchen premises if it’s in the southeastern corner.

  • Illuminate your kid’s world with natural light

As per Vastu, the ideal place for the kid’s room in North- East or North West. The Sun is never in the north direction, so it is preferable to keep the kid’s room window on the north wall. This will not only bring the natural light of the sun but also protect from harmful sun rays.

You often arrange things as per Vastu after buying your house. After all, a home is where the most beautiful memories are made, and your new home should bring prosperity into your life.

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