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6 reasons for a change

By: Merlin Group | January 4, 2019

‘Change’ has always played an integral role in the context of human evolution. The very urge to change has led us to many discoveries and invention. Regardless of the fact that change is a significant contributor to human development, it is not always embraced heartily. As we humans are always looped in perpetual motion by our daily activities, unwinding is not a very comforting process. Hence more people are resistant to change. However, our transformation from nomads to the most scientifically sound generation would not have been possible without the urge to transform.

As a matter of fact, change exposes us to situations which are not very familiar. On the other hand, it gives us a new exposure to rebuild ourselves. By putting us away from our comfort zone change brings out the best in us.

Hereunder are few points to manifest the fact that change can be beneficial.

  • New and better possibilities:

If we do not transcend our limits we will never discover our true potentiality. There are always possibilities of getting new, better opportunities in a new place. A new place takes us out of our comfort zone. Our convictions are opposed in every step. We get a different approach towards life. We get to explore a new lifestyle. A different city will always provide different socio-economic conditions. Metropolitan, developed cities would certainly offer better lifestyle, reasonable economy and better career growth.

  • Better commuting:

We all have a tendency to seek a workplace close to the place we live. Easy access to the working place makes our life a lot easier. There are many who actually buys or rents a new home close to their office despite the fact they are already residents of the same city. A workplace near to office could be really beneficial- it reduces our transportation cost, it can save time and energy both, it allows us to spend more time with our families, most importantly it allows us to spend more time with ourselves. Better Transporting can also contribute to seamless commutation. Hence cities or areas with better-transporting options are always given preference while planning homes.

  • Affordability:

Whenever we plan to buy something new the first thought that comes to our mind is the price. However, there are times when our fascination becomes an obsession and we end up buying something which exceeds our calculated budget. The definition affordability does not only accommodates a reasonable price of the product it also includes a fair quality of the product as well. Therefore when we talk about affordability we mean good quality at a fair price. In the case of residences, the word quality covers a number of points- location, space, structure, design, lifestyle, sustainability and so on. When we get all the qualities under the same roof then the product is definitely affordable.

  • Lifestyle, friendly neighborhood for kids:

Change always offers us something new, something which we have not seen or experienced before. As a matter of fact, we seek change when we look for something better than what we already have. Out of the several reasons for a change, lifestyle is a factor which heavily influences our mind. In this 21st century, we are continuously looking for upgrades whether it’s our android phone or be it our daily life. We are not satisfied until we have got best. While considering change we also give a lot of importance to the environment, the environment we are living in or the environment to which we want to shift. A good environment always helps us to think positively and live happily. Whereas bad surrounding will always have an adverse effect on personality and health as well.  If we want our life to happen the way we want it to be then we must consider the environment we live in.

  • To live with family:

The most precious moments of our life are the ones we spend with our family. According to Desmond Tutu “You don’t choose your family. They are god’s gift to you, as you are to them”. Every one of us wants to stay close to our families. The family also influences our decision to ‘change’, if there is not enough space for an entire family to live together then we look for an alternative option where the entire family can fit in. Staying close to our family helps us sail through any situation whether good or bad.

  • Socio-economic condition of the city:

Social and economic condition of a city or a country is a reflection of its development status. Hence socio-economic condition plays a major role while deciding for a city or country change. A developed economy will always offer better growth opportunities. A better society will certainly contribute to a better future and present as well. A city with good socio-economic conditions makes life a lot easier and better.

An alternative term for the word change is evolution. If we never transcend our boundaries we will never explore life. As we expand our horizon we experience more and with experience comes knowledge. Hence we can conclude that without a proper exposure of life our knowledge is fragmentary.

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