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Life in Kolkata!

By: Merlin Group | December 18, 2018

Kolkata, ‘the city of joy’ as it is popularly known, is home to a large cosmopolitan, cultural mass. Every religion, caste and creed find themselves at home in this city. The city provides plethora of opportunities to every age group, from students to professional. There is large number of people who come to Kolkata to make their career or simply in search of a livelihood. With its reasonable economy and endless opportunities Kolkata never disappoints.

Over the past few years Kolkata has witnessed a huge industrial development. From IT sectors to real estate the city has evolved itself from time to time. Hence it has successfully made a strong foothold amidst the developed cities around the world.

  • The IT development chapter

In the last decade Kolkata has witnessed a paradigm shift in terms of industrial development. Top IT companies national and international has chosen Kolkata as a favorable destination for their outlets: Wipro, TCS (Tata consultancy services), Cognizant, Capgemini, Infosys, IBM to name a few. Areas like Saltlake and Newtown has been transformed into the corporate sector of Kolkata in other words the IT hub of Kolkata.

  • The dawn of Real Estate era

Apart from the industrial development Kolkata is also witnessing a metamorphosis in terms of real estate sector. The city is also popular for its heritable architectures which it has proudly inherited from the cultural relativism of its predecessors. However with time the very essence of this cultural relativism has started to fade away and one of the main reason behind this change is a strong undercurrent of fancy lifestyle. Every individual is looking forward to embrace the change as the Real Estate companies have introduced a new horizon to masses of Kolkata.  Flats are no longer considered as a mere shelter instead they have become a style statement, a lifestyle and most importantly a worthwhile medium in terms of investment. Hence inclination towards these admirable structures, with numerous modern amenities to compliment the term leisure, is incontestable. Hence almost every individual is planning to get a lifestyle for themselves in order to get maximum return on their investment. The moderate economy and the undeniable flawless natural beauty of Kolkata have made it the most favorable destination for Real Estate investors.

  • Life in the city

Being the cultural capital of India, Kolkata offers a sufficiently affordable living for all its residents. From transportation to food, from house rent to leisure every human need is catered fairly and reasonably. Transportation is quite seamless with the frequent service of metro and the trains. Fares of buses and autos are fairly reasonable. The city also provides a plenty of opportunity to explore the foodie in you. With the variety of flavors in its platter the city has to offer a lot to tingle your taste buds. Starting from Roshogolla to Biriyani, Kachauri to continental Kolkata has a lot to offer. An entire sector of the city is dedicated to book worms. College Street, the reader’s paradise, provides a huge option to browse through all books you need as well as the ones you want at an incomparable price.

  • Geological significance of the city

Located in the eastern segment of India Kolkata is a gateway to some of the prime tourist attractions of India. Due to its unique geographical positioning the weather of Kolkata is tropically wet and dry with summer monsoon. Situated by the river Ganga the city has a unprecedented beauty of its own. From hills to coast, the city does provides an ample of opportunity to explore the explorer in you, within its state territory.

  • Kolkata the cultural capital of India

Kolkata is the most culture centric city of India and hence it is considered as the cultural capital. Now this consideration is based on many reasons and all the reasons satisfactorily concludes to the fact. From arts to literature, from films to music the audience of Kolkata has always proved themselves to possess a keen understanding of any form of art.  Kolkata has given birth to many famous poets and literates who played a major part in developing the India literature. Kolkata has also fairly contributed to every social movement from time to time.

  • The best place to invest

Kolkata is one of secular cities of India which accommodates people not only from every state of India but from other countries as well. Irrespective of religion, caste and race every individual is welcomed with an open arm. Kolkata has a huge cosmopolitan democracy and with the rise in industrialization there are more opportunities for everyone. Hence Real estate companies and IT companies are heavily investing in Kolkata. With the moderate economy and industrial growth it is likely that more people are going to invest in Kolkata.

  • GST impact

Introduction of goods and services tax has heavily affected every business organization and state as well. However the basic nature of GST has somehow benefited Bengal because GST is a tax which is imposed on the destination point of the product or service. Therefore Bengal mostly being on the consumer side would be benefited as the total amount of tax inflow would be higher than the outflow of taxes.

Kolkata known for its cultural heritages, careless beauty and a secular heart has always accepted changes warmly and with a gladsome heart. Hence the fact, that Kolkata has become a concrete jungle and a corporate hub, just adds a jewel to its crown.

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