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7 Ideas to Boost the Resale Value of Your Apartment

By: Merlin Group | March 15, 2018

You bought the property for investment purpose or you are moving to another city. You must get the highest price for your apartment. The price of land might go up with the passage of time but the price of the building always decreases.The older the apartment is lesser the price will become. But, instead of settling for a lower price, make it ready for resale with some simple hacks. Here are 7 ideas to boost the resale value of your apartment –

These are simple DIY tips or you might take some help. But spending some bucks can significantly boost the resale value of your apartment.

  • Clean

Clean the home properly from inside and outside. Remove the stains from the floor and leave no dust particle in the home. Do make the surrounding clean because no one wants to live in the filthy surroundings.

  • Paint

Paint the home with new and attractive colours. You can yourself see the difference in the new home after the makeover. The painting will make it look like newly built home. Buyers mostly assess the price of the property on the basis of its aesthetic beauty.

  • Renovate Kitchen and Bathroom

When kitchen and bathroom are regularly used for years, some fixtures get old, dirty, and tarnished to the extent they don’t look new even after cleaning. So better change them.

Check the sink, washbasin, tiles, bathtub, cabinets, toilet, faucets, handles, shower, and other appliances. Change all these and other fixtures if they are knackered and can’t be cleaned to look lustrous.

  • Change Fixtures

Many other fixtures in the home like a doorknob, cabinet handle, light switch cover, switchboards, light holders, curtain holdback hooks, curtain holders, brackets and rods, and hasps etc. need to be changed if they are stained or not working. Tighten the loose fixtures like doorknobs or switchboards.

  • Remove clutter

If you are selling a furnished home, remove the clutter and make it look spacious. A home stuffed with a lot of useless furniture won’t appeal the buyer. So, better you sell it to a rag-and-bone man instead of trying to sell them to the property buyer. Buyer sorts out the useless things at first sight and this might lower the value of your apartment.

  • Beautify Lawn

If you have a lawn in the front or back of your home, beautify it with pruned hedges, mowed grass and by adding some more plants. Plants make the home lively and the buyer won’t hesitate to pay some more bucks for getting a well-maintained lawn.

  • Make the surrounding appealing

Surrounding of the apartment will be the first thing a buyer will notice. Giving heed to the adage ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, clean the surrounding and make it appealing. Change the tiles of the ramp, rusted mailbox and also the nameplate if required.

There are many more expensive ways but these 7 ideas are cheap ways to increase the home value. Over-improving the home by using expensive ideas don’t always work because everyone wants to get all the money invested back with profit. Some little efforts can help you to yield handsome amount.

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