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Benefits of living in an IGBC Certified Green Home

By: Merlin Group | January 25, 2019

One of the alarming issues of the 21st century is global warming. Almost everyone one of us is familiar with the term and the catastrophic consequences associated with the same.  Being a resident of planet earth all of us are equally responsible for the wellbeing of our planet. As a matter of fact, if we do not take enough measures to restore the resources then the sustainability of life, in near future, on this planet would be questionable.

One of the prime contributors to this phenomenon, Global warming, is us human being. However with the realization of the fact we have taken some initiatives which have resulted favourably. IGBC Green Building certification is an initiative taken by our government to make environment-friendly residential complexes.

Hereunder are few facts about IGBC Green Certified homes and benefits of living in one:

  • Water & energy conservation:

India is one of those countries where water scarcity is a major issue. As a matter of fact, India gets only 4 percent of drinking water for its entire population. Hence majority of the Indian population is deprived of drinking water. Therefore conservation of water is the foremost concern of India. Every IGBC Green certified building duly caters the need for water conservation. By recycling used water through several processes, 30-50 percent of water is saved and reused.

Saving energy can actually reduce the consumption of natural resources, it also saves our money. In order to get the certification from IGBC, the developer has to use energy efficient electrical and lighting devices, devices which would consume less energy and save power up to 20- 30 percent.

  • Waste management system:

Natural resources are getting depleted at an alarming rate; if measures are not taken now then there is a high possibility of running out of resources. Hence recycling of resources is really crucial in the present scenario. Responding to the situation IGBC has made it mandatory that every certified building should have a waste treatment system installed within its boundaries. All the household disposables and organic waste are recycled and treated to generate new resources.

  • Less usage of endangered natural materials:

The IGBC council also prohibits the use of endangered natural materials. Materials like woods and fuels which are on the verge of extinction are replaced by recycled materials. This process not only reduces environmental damages but it also gives a modernistic approach towards life: Eco-friendly yet luxurious and fashionable.

The IGBC council has made it mandatory that every certified building should have enough open area so that all the residents get enough fresh air and proportionate air flow. Open air outdoor amenities with a touch of greenery is a common feature of every IGBC certified building. Some projects also include natural water bodies or huge central parks within its territory. These natural amenities help its residents to stay close to Mother Nature while living in a concrete jungle.

Staying close to nature has always been beneficial for every person because nature can provide endless health benefits, hence we must preserve it. Issues like global warming and the extinction of rare and valuable natural resources have already damaged our eco-system to a great extent. The IGBC committee has designed a way to restore our environment and benefit us by letting us stay close to Mother Nature. Hence owning an IGBC certified green is highly advisable.

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