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RAJARHAT ~Your Next Urban Destination!

By: Merlin Group | May 22, 2017

If you are one among those who refuse to accept the growing IT prowess of West Bengal, below is some eye-opening information for you.

West Bengal has observed noticeable Real Estate development over the recent years. This development has induced positive changes in the social scenario. Space constraints within the main city of Kolkata have led to the emergence of the once suburbs or peripheral areas of Kolkata as residential hubs. One of these suburbs that have emerged as the Next Gen City and looks equally promising is Rajarhat and the adjoining areas like New Town etc. Gone are the days when travelling from these suburban areas used to be a torrid time for the daily commuters.

Rajarhat which is 3 times the size of Salt Lake City has been comprehended as the satellite city to Kolkata, the other opportunity hub near the City of Joy. On a drive from Kolkata Airport via Rajarhat, one can see three things: One, it is a roaring residential zone with shopping malls and commercial plots; Second, it is also the major central business district and; Third, it is unassailably India’s new IT and Industrial hub.

Presently Newtown and surrounding areas in Rajarhat are the most favourable locations for home buyers. Those who are looking for homes near IT hub, or airport love to have their homes here. With further growth of social infrastructure such as schools, medical facilities, shopping centres’ etc, these areas are increasingly turning out to be the convenient locations. For the NRIs and people looking for investments, these areas are also the preferred locations.

Look at the ravishing list of IT Parks and other big shots in the Rajarhat hub –

DLF IT Park | Unitech IT Park | Wipro | TCS | IBM | CTS | Lafarge | Nestle | Vodafone | Future Group | GSK | HP | Etc

With the introduction of superior infrastructure that leads to efficient connectivity and multiple mode of transport available in Rajarhat – it’s hard to categorise this place as an outskirt anymore.

For those looking to live in the fringes of the city, Rajarhat and New Tow area is a very attractive development option. Alongside the suitable demographics, the modern lifestyle facilities are also available such as affordable housing, convenient access to some of the most sought-after facilities such as shopping, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities and entertainment zones are all at close proximity.

Take a look at the entertainment squeaks of this area –

  • Eco Park
  • Wax Museum
  • City Centre 2
  • Vedic Village
  • Aquatica, etc

All in all, Rajarhat is a package that treats all your needs as well as luxuries. Noteworthy factor in this area is that investment becomes an open opportunity for many, thereby ensuring that the pricing does not escalate over a given benchmark.


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